Mixed media; pewter sculpture and acrylic on board. Overall frame size 48 x 58cm. £880

I created this painting to explore the delicacy of the human hand. We use our hands for all sorts of stuff, but they should never be taken for granted. I have read many stories about people who have had their hands caught in machinery or damaged when carrying out DIY. It is all too easy to be complacent, thinking we are invincible. However, the hands are delicate structures and I think we should all take great care of them. When I started exploring this, I wrote a list of the ways we use or hands; as tools, to touch, to communicate. I very quickly drew up a list of over 40 things!

The mould that I used to create the pewter sculpture has been destroyed. The pewter is lead-free and conforms to the relevant European Standard.

This is a one-off original painting. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

This piece is framed in a floating frame. The frame is 30mm deep and 20mm wide.