About me

I am an artist and I work with pewter and acrylics on board.

I create mixed media pieces that I refer to as ‘hanging sculpture’.

I discovered the wonderful world of pewter casting a few years ago, and I now use this material in all my work.

Casting in pewter is a great way to work because it lets me control the entire process, from creating an original sculpt to finishing the final product. All my pieces are hand made by me, from start to finish.

The use of pewter dates back thousands of years, when the alloy was used to make drinking cups, plates and bowls. However, it is seeing a renaissance, with more artists and sculptors discovering the versatility of the metal.

I am an experimenter, which is why I love to combine pewter casting with paint on board. Mixed media is an underestimated technique that I find liberating. I find the technique opens up entirely new expressive opportunities.

I love the juxtaposition between the old and new (pewter and contemporary abstract) and the contrast between solidity and the vulnerable (metal versus fluidity of my painting style). I guess my art is all about blending reality with abstract. The reality comes from the definable pewter sculptures while the abstract comes from the image around the sculpture.

I sell my work as original one-off mixed media pieces. I never run limited editions because I like the idea that my customers have something that is truly unique and original.

Please drop me an email if you would like to be kept up-to-date with new pieces or exhibitions of my work. Or, just send an email to say hi.